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Mike Monarch and Anthony Pickering
Signed up December 6, 2017

Mike Monarch:
Anyone who knows me will understand that owning and operating a gym has been my obsession since I was 15 years old. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology for pre-med, and then working in technology for about 20 years, I am happy to say that I've circled back to the passions that have been with me throughout... health and fitness. With decades of experience, training, and dreaming, I am ready to give you the best facility on the South Shore. MASS MVMNT will comprehensively include all the key areas of health and fitness so you can reach your wellness and strength potential.

My own achievements include competitive cycling for over 15 years, extensive training and participation in various competitive events including cycling road races (first place division winner of the Jamestown Classic), criteriums, 200 mile 1-day events, and mountain bike races. More recently, I competed in several CrossFit competitions with a few top 10 finishes in local events, and a 135-worldwide place finish in the 2015 CrossFit Open in my age category. I'm proud to say that my friends and I hiked the entire Presidential Mountain trail (9 mountains) in one day. Obstacle course and adventure races get me fired up too. Racing up Loon Mountain with dozens of my friends and family over the last three years for O2X was life-changing for many of us. In addition to having a knack for getting people to signup for daunting events, I am dedicated to safely and supportively helping everyone move well, eat well, and reach their full potential.

I am a personal trainer, CrossFit L1 trainer with certification in Adaptive athlete training, a member of the Hingham Community Emergency Response Team, and a Precision Nutrition PN1 nutrition coach… but most of all, I’ve lived and breathed health, nutrition, and fitness my entire life! Wellness can be fun. Let's do this.

Anthony Pickering:

Growing up in an athletic, competitive family, I fell in love with sports and competing at a young age. I was a multi-sport athlete all through my childhood and in to high school. Basketball became my main sport as I got older and allowed me the opportunity to travel and compete against some of the best talent in the country. My love for fitness rocketed when I was 13 and worked at a local gym cleaning equipment in exchange for a free membership. The owner was a competitive body builder and strength coach from Philadelphia. At that young age, he taught me his advanced philosophy of training and became my mentor. I would learn the importance of integrity, discipline, consistency and the value of mind to body focus and connection when exercising. I was hooked and found my passion! At 13 years old, I said I am going to have my own gym someday!

When I got my Personal Trainer license at age 19, I was off and running. I was fortunate enough to work under another mentor, this time a woman who was a UNH grad, LAX player, and highly experienced trainer. I worked 7 days a week at BodyScapes for the first 4 years just training, learning, adapting the programming, and constantly improving. I was blessed to build a core group of clients that have been with me ever since. During this time, I got introduced to the sport of Strongman from a friend who competes at the pro level. I started competing 3 years ago as a novice, and as of this year I'm ranked top 20 nationally in the 200-lb. open class. During this time, I also worked at Total Performance Sports as an Olympic lifting coach. It was an amazing experience working with great athletes.

As my reputation and knowledge grew, I knew I was worth more and had more to give to people. I left BodyScapes went out on my own and started training clients out of Bare Cove CrossFit in Hingham. The last two years my training has really taken off to the next level, and the lives I've seen change from getting stronger and healthier fills my heart.

Now I have developed my own philosophy. My clients go through a thorough proper functional movement screening before we begin any training. This allows me to see the client or athlete fully and determine what type of programming is best for each athlete individually. My programming caters to the individual’s specific goals, and I prioritize safe functional movements above all. I start with a focus on breathing technique, mobility issues, and movement fundamentals. I have had the pleasure of working with elite collegiate and competitive strength athletes, young athletes, elderly clients, inspiring mothers who are ready for a new kind of empowerment, and clients coming post-surgery and rehab. Private training is great, but group strength/conditioning classes brings more. Watching a group of individuals get strong, bond, and develop physical and mental resilience together fills my heart.

Our goal here at Mass MVMNT is to bring together the best minds on the South Shore to improve your life mentally and physically! Join us on the MVMNT to a better quality of life!