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Meg Durkin


Meg Durkin
Signed up February 29, 2016

Meg Durkin is the founder of Yoga Magic 4 Kids, which offers yoga classes for children in a variety of settings, including in schools, yoga studios, community centers, for girl scout troops, at private trainings, and at birthday parties. She has extensive training and experience in teaching yoga. Of note:

Meg completed the Radiant Child Certification and the Finding Inner Peace Children’s Yoga Certification.

She completed a 200 hour yoga training program with Daniel Orlansky, recognized by the Yoga Alliance, at Yoga of Energy Flow.

Meg completed the Brain Gym 170 course (about brain and movement integration for children with special needs), along with Craig Hanauer’s Every Kid’s Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children with Special Needs. She has also trained with YogaKids’ Marsha Wenig and participated in YogaEd trainings.

Meg attended Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) week-long retreat, became a certified ChildLight Yoga Instructor and a national Yoga 4 Classrooms trainer.

Meg received a certificate in Yoga for the Special Child, became a ChildLight Yoga Trainer and a certified ChildLight Baby & Toddler Instructor.

Meg attended the Social Emotional Learning for Massachusetts Alliance conference and the Mindfulness in Higher Education Conference at Middlesex School.

She presented at three conferences: 1) The National Kids Yoga Conference in Washington DC about "Proven Strategies for Gaining Support for Yoga in Schools”, 2) She presented yoga and mindfulness movement breaks to 250 participants at the New Hampshire School Counselors' Conference, and 3) She presented a workshop at the New Hampshire Library Association Conference about “How to Bring Yoga Into Story Hour and Other Youth Programming.”

Meg now travels the nation teaching adults how to be children’s yoga instructors through ChildLight’s Yoga and Mindfulness for Children training. She also teaches educators the Yoga 4 Classroom curriculum nation-wide, helping elementary school teachers to integrate yoga and mindfulness into their schools in order to promote self-regulation, learning readiness, and classroom climate. The six hour workshop includes learning about breathing, standing yoga poses, at-the-desk seated yoga poses, imagination vacations, be-well topics, and mindful games. Furthermore, she offers a 10-week residency program in elementary classrooms to help teachers integrate into the curriculum what they’ve learned, including movement breaks, transitions, focus, calm, awakening creativity, and more.

Meg is also an Institute of Integrative Nutrition-certified health coach, assisting moms and families with topics like healthy snacks; food sensitivities and allergies; healthy school lunches; gluten and dairy-free diets; reading food labels; and wholesome “family time” dinners. Within the framework of a six-month program, clients work on making lifestyle changes in order to reach their bio-individual goals.

She has a B.A. in American Studies from Middlebury College and a M.S. in Library & Information Studies from Simmons College. Meg has worked with children for more than twenty-five years, and in a variety of capacities. Meg is dedicated to assisting and creating a safe and loving experience for children and families to explore and reach their potential in a caring and supportive environment.


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Fitness & Active Lifestyle

Yoga Workshop for Kids on Early Release Day March 7th, 12:45-2:15pm at the Hingham Community Center!

by Meg Durkin
Yoga Workshop for Kids on (early release day) March 7th, from 12:45-2:15pm, at the Hingham Community Center!
138% $360 Funded
Funded Contributed Mar 7, 2018
Fitness & Active Lifestyle

Yoga Workshop For Kids on Early Release Day January 10th 12:45-2:15pm at the Hingham Community Center!

by Meg Durkin
Join us for a Yoga Workshop For Kids on (early release day) Jan 10th, from 12:45-2:15pm, at the Hingham Community Center!
237% $380 Funded
Funded Contributed Jan 9, 2018
Fitness & Active Lifestyle

Sign Up for Yoga & Mindfulness For High School Students on Monday evenings at the Hingham Community Center!

by Meg Durkin
Sign up for Yoga & Mindfulness for High School Students on Monday evenings starting Dec 11th!
100% $622 Funded
Funded Contributed Jan 31, 2018
Fitness & Active Lifestyle

Sign Up For Mother/Daughter Yoga At The Hingham Community Center! These Sunday afternoon classes start on January 7th - Join us!

by Meg Durkin
Join us for Sunday afternoon mother/daughter yoga (for girls aged 8-12 and their moms / female role models) at the Hingham Community Center!
91% $880 Funded
Funded Contributed Feb 26, 2018
Fitness & Active Lifestyle

Sign Up for Toddler Yoga at Inly School! Eight fun Thursday classes (8:30-9:15am) starting Jan 12, 2017

by Meg Durkin
Join yoga instructor, Meg Durkin, at Inly School for a fun, 8-wk yoga program for toddlers (6mo - 30mo) and their caregivers!
161% $809 FUNDED
Funded Contributed Apr 7, 2017
Fitness & Active Lifestyle

Pop-Up Meditation Class Sept 17th 8:30 – 9:30am at Ames Chapel in Hingham Square… Sign Up Now!

by Meg Durkin
Join Meg Durkin for a Pop-Up Meditation Class from 8:30am – 9:30am on Saturday, Sept 17, 2016 at Ames Chapel in Hingham, MA!
100% $121 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 16, 2016