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Fortua is a powerful new way to organize, fund, and promote activities and causes that your friends and your community will enjoy participating in!

With Fortua you can crowdfund workshops, classes, festivals, races, camps, retreats, inspiring talks, films, trails, playgrounds, parks, educational programs, fundraisers, and more!

Here are a few of the ways you can use Fortua.

Benefits of Fortua!

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    Success! We will help you create and market your crowdfunding page.

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    Request gear, supplies, and sponsorships on your page.

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    Get visibility and promote your project to Fortua’s growing community.

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    Grow your audience and connect with more customers, followers, and fans.

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    Secure volunteers to help by creating custom sign ups on your page.

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    Raise money for your project, event, or cause without a loan, grant, or investors.

How Fortua Works.

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    Create a crowdfunding page and on it pre-sell entry to your event, spots in your workshop, access to a cool experience or perk etc. – or – support a cause!

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    Share your page and get funded!

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    Fulfill your participants' pre-orders by throwing your event, holding your workshop, delivering your cool experience or perk etc. and saying thank you!

No need for a loan. No need for a grant. No need for investors. Instead, fund your project, event, or cause by offering access and special benefits to people who want to participate in making it happen!

  • Your project, event, or cause gets funded.

  • Your backers get cool stuff or experiences.

  • The planet is one Fortua project happier!

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Key Things to Know


Key Things to Know

To help you get the most out of your Fortua experience we've put together a list of Key Things to Know. We hope that you find it helpful.

Fortua is an online platform that helps you raise funds and access resources to make your outdoor, adventure, and active lifestyle endeavors happen, including athletic pursuits, outdoor expeditions, gear ideas, events, documentary films, charitable fundraisers and more. Campaign creators run campaigns on Fortua to make their endeavors happen. Backers support campaign creators by making financial or non-financial (e.g. gear, supplies, expertise, volunteer time) contributions to their campaigns. In exchange for support, campaign creators share their insights and experiences with their backers as their endeavor unfolds, and they also thank their backers with rewards (or perks) at the end of their endeavor. Fortua is passionate about helping you do what you love to do.

Campaigns are fundraising initiatives that are created and launched on Fortua. Creating a campaign on Fortua is easy and free, and campaign creators can customize their campaign pages based on their unique needs. Campaigns can be run to make a pursuit or project happen or to raise funds for charity.

Campaign creators are individuals or groups who create campaigns on Fortua.

Backers are individuals or groups who support campaign creators. In exchange for support, backers receive insights and updates from campaign creators as their pursuit or project unfolds. They also receive rewards from campaign creators at the end of their pursuit or project.

Funding goal is the fundraising goal for a campaign. Campaign creators establish their funding goal based on the specific funding requirements of their pursuit or project.

Campaign type is the campaign funding model that a campaign creator chooses to run on Fortua. Campaign creators can run one of two campaign types: Keep-it-all or All-or-nothing.

Keep-it-all campaigns are best for charitable or cause-related fundraisers (e.g. running a marathon for charity or helping an injured athlete, etc.). With keep-it-all, the campaign creator (or the charity that the campaign is being run on behalf of) keeps all funds raised regardless of whether or not the campaign reaches its funding goal (that is, there is no penalty if the campaign does not reach its funding goal). For a charitable campaign to qualify for donation receipts (for tax deduction purposes), the charity must be a qualified 501(c)(3); funds raised must go directly to the charity itself; and no goods or services can be provided to backers in exchange for financial support. For more detail check out our FAQ section.

All-or-nothing campaigns are best for pursuits or projects that require a specific funding amount to happen (e.g. an event, film, expedition, product, etc.). With all-or-nothing campaigns, campaign creators keep all funds raised only if the campaign reaches or exceeds its funding goal by the campaign deadline. If it does not reach its funding goal, then backers are not charged and no money changes hands between backers and campaign creators. This ensures that campaign creators have the funds required to complete their pursuit or project, and it protects backers from contributing to a campaign that cannot be completed because of inadequate funding.

Insights are updates, experiences, and information that campaign creators share with backers as their pursuit or project unfolds. Fortua’s platform makes it easy to keep backers up-to-date and campaign creators can also use other social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Strava, etc.) to share their insights with backers.

Rewards are the benefits (or perks) that backers receive from campaign creators at the end of their pursuit or project. They can be tangible items (e.g. a film, image, book, gadget, etc.), one-of-a-kind experiences, special recognition, or tokens of appreciation, in addition to many other creative and meaningful rewards that backers appreciate. If a campaign is focused purely on raising funds for charity then it does not necessarily need to include rewards. The campaign creator can choose whether or not to include rewards based on the type of campaign that they wish to run.

Commitments are non-monetary requests of support. Campaign creators can choose to add commitments to their campaigns if they wish to. Typical commitment requests include gear, supplies, expertise, and volunteers. Backers generally receive recognition or perks from campaign creators in exchange for making non-monetary commitments to a campaign. Example commitments include an event director requesting volunteers, a cyclist requesting technical bike support, or a documentary filmmaker requesting an underwater camera, among many other possibilities.

Pursuits include action sports; adventure travel; endurance sports; exploration and discovery; fitness and active lifestyle; and treks, hikes, and retreats. To qualify for Fortua, all pursuits must have a clear objective, beginning, and end. Example pursuits include: running a marathon for the first time; a weekend yoga retreat; a one month trek in Nepal; a two-week climbing expedition in Patagonia; swimming the English Channel for charity; and a three-day nature retreat for city youth, among many other possible pursuits.

Projects typically involve the development of something tangible (e.g. a gadget, film, image, book). To qualify for Fortua, all projects must have a clear objective, beginning, and end. Example projects include: creating a community garden; starting a local triathlon; creating a documentary film on big wave surfing; developing a next-generation wearable fitness device; designing a more protective snowboarding helmet; and writing a book about the Iditarod, among many other possible projects.

1% for the Planet is core to Fortua's mission to promote a healthier and happier planet. Each year, Fortua donates one percent of its revenue to 1% for the Planet to protect natural places, forests, rivers, lakes, oceans, and wildlife for generations to come.

Fortua is transforming the way outdoor, adventure, and active lifestyle pursuits and projects are activated and actualized on the planet. If you have additional questions, check out our FAQ section.

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