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Fortua is a powerful new way to organize, fund, and promote activities and causes that your friends and your community will enjoy participating in!

With Fortua you can crowdfund workshops, classes, festivals, races, camps, retreats, inspiring talks, films, trails, playgrounds, parks, educational programs, fundraisers, and more!

Here are a few of the ways you can use Fortua.

Benefits of Fortua!

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    Raise money for your project, event, or cause without a loan, grant, or investors.

How Fortua Works.

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    Create a crowdfunding page and on it pre-sell entry to your event, spots in your workshop, access to a cool experience or perk etc. – or – support a cause!

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    Fulfill your participants' pre-orders by throwing your event, holding your workshop, delivering your cool experience or perk etc. and saying thank you!

No need for a loan. No need for a grant. No need for investors. Instead, fund your project, event, or cause by offering access and special benefits to people who want to participate in making it happen!

  • Your project, event, or cause gets funded.

  • Your backers get cool stuff or experiences.

  • The planet is one Fortua project happier!

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Thought Leader Dinner at The Corner Stop on June 6th - Living Your Best Life!

A campaign by Fortua Events

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A campaign by Fortua Events
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    PURCHASE ONE TICKET ($85.00) to our thought leader dinner on “Living Your Best Life” starting at 6:30pm on June 6th at The Corner Stop. Seats are limited. You MUST purchase your ticket(s) in advance to attend. We will not be selling tickets at the door. We look forward to seeing you there!

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    PURCHASE TWO TICKETS ($165.00) to our thought leader dinner on “Living Your Best Life” starting at 6:30pm on June 6th at The Corner Stop. Seats are limited. You MUST purchase your ticket(s) in advance to attend. We will not be selling tickets at the door. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Thought Leader Dinner at The Corner Stop on June 6th - Living Your Best Life!

June 4, 2017 Update:  This Thought Leader Dinner is CANCELLED. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this cancellation may cause. This is the first event that we've had to cancel, and as a sort of funny irony, we've received feedback that this is a "busy time"... too busy to relax, enjoy an evening out, and discuss why it's valuable to "unplug" more and "be busy" less. We are grateful to those who signed up, and we hope to see you at future events!

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Do you feel that there is not enough time in the day? 

Do you wish you had more time to exercise? To eat healthier foods? To do the things you love to do?

Do you wish you had more time for yourself? More time with your family? More time with your friends? More time with your significant other? More time to get things done?

Are you a busy mom or dad feeling pulled in too many directions? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you are not alone. 

Collectively, we are working longer hours and at a faster pace than ever before, and yet we never seem to feel caught up. We have more tools and technologies to help us manage work and life than ever before, and yet we still feel like we are behind. We know more about the benefits of exercise, sleep, and healthy living than any other generation, and yet we feel more stressed and chronically under-healthy than ever.

How did we get here? And what can we do about it? 

For our second Thought Leader Dinner at The Corner Stop Eatery on Tuesday, June 6th, we’ll be exploring these topics with two experts in health, wellness, time management, and productivity: Debbie Lyn Toomey and Linda Stacy

Debbie and Linda bring 20+ years experience as authors, speakers, and instructors helping people to achieve their best – to be their best selves at work, at home, and at play.

In this interactive session, Debbie and Linda will share key strategies and insights for living the life that you want to live -- a life with more fulfillment, less stress, increased personal freedom and empowerment, and greater well-being. The insights you acquire will be valuable for you and your kids. You’ll enjoy dinner and drinks, listen to an engaging talk by our two thought leaders, and you'll also have the opportunity to ask them questions throughout the evening.

Make it a date night, invite a friend, or come on your own! It's going to be a fun and meaningful evening out. You can purchase tickets through this page, and on a first-come-first serve basis. We will not be selling tickets at the door.


Date:  Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Start Time:  6:30pm

Location:  The Corner Stop Eatery, 235 Hull Street, Cohasset, MA

Summary:  The evening will include a delicious dinner and a presentation by productivity, health and well-being experts: Linda Stacy and Debbie Lyn Toomey. You’ll enjoy a three-course meal; drinks; an engaging and informative talk; and the opportunity to ask Linda and Debbie questions throughout the evening.

Target Audience:  Busy moms and dads, and anyone else who’d like to attend. Join us!

Schedule of Activities:

6:30pm:  Attendees enjoy appetizers, drinks, and a meet & greet with Linda and Debbie

7:00pm:  Attendees take their seats, and Linda and Debbie deliver a 20 minute interactive talk, followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion

7:30pm:  Linda and Debbie join everyone for dinner and conversation

8:15pm:  Dessert & coffee are served, with additional time for Q&A and discussion with Linda and Debbie

Tickets:  You must purchase tickets in advance through this page. Seats are limited. We will not sell tickets at the door. 

Questions?  Email Fortua is a local Hingham company and we'd love to help!


Linda Stacy

Linda is a productivity consultant, trainer, and coach who helps busy professionals and people take strategic control of time and energy so that they get the right and most important things done. Let’s face it, in today's fast-paced work and home environments, the constant demand on our attention & energy leaves the best of us overextended and often overwhelmed. Competing priorities can make it difficult to stay focused and on task.

Overwhelming and competing priorities impact us at home and at the workplace. According to a 2014 report from Deloitte, 65% of executives feel that overwhelm is an issue for their organizations and the estimated financial impact to a mid-size company is $10M per year. Gallup estimates that only 29% of the American workforce is engaged, connected, and inspired by their work, and the estimated result of poor engagement costs companies $450-550 billion per year, and leads workers to feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and uninspired. This needs to change at work and at home.

Linda teaches a system and principles to reduce overwhelm and increase fulfillment and performance by up to 30% for individuals and organizations. Linda designs and develops her teaching principles based on her tenure as a busy professional in the management consulting industry, an entrepreneur, and on years of research and training.

Linda has 20 years of professional training experience in academic and corporate settings. She has taught her productivity principles to participants at professional association conferences, within corporate offices, at corporate retreats, and within public workshops. Linda blogs and writes articles on the subject of productivity and how to use key skills to stay on task and increase fulfillment in all aspects of life. In 2015, she wrote her first book, The Whole Package Professional: The Definitive Guide to Productivity, Success, and Fulfillment in Business and Life.

In addition to a B.A. in Biological Sciences and an M.S. in Library Science, Linda holds Bob Pike Group certifications in Instructional Design for Participant-Centered Training and Presentation Skills for Professionals. Linda is a proud member of the National Speaker Association (currently co-chairing the New England chapter’s Aspiring Speakers Program) and the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Debbie Lyn Toomey, RN

Debbie Lyn Toomey RN, CIPP is an award-winning speaker, author, corporate trainer, and coach. Debbie is the founder of Ultimate Healing Journey, LLC and believes in a holistic approach to optimal health and happiness. She trains companies and organizations how to use happiness skills to boost their positivity, performance, and relationships. Debbie has created programs and workshops for schools and universities, hospitals, organizations, and companies.

Debbie is the 2016 recipient of the Tufts Medical Center Nursing Fellowship and is creating a mindfulness training program for nurses to help them manage the challenges their jobs bring more wholeheartedly, happily and effectively.

Debbie is the author of The Happiness Result, More Time, More Love, More Health, More Success, a transformative book that combines self-help, science, and the power of intuition to add more positivity, productivity, and success in today’s world. She is also the author of The Happiness Result – Goals, Gratitude & Success Journal. Debbie is also a regular contributor for the Huffington Post Wellness section.

Thank you to Linda Stacy and Debbie Lyn Toomey for joining us on June 6th. We look forward to an enjoyable evening with great food and great conversation!

Join us! It is going to be a great evening. Seats are limited. You must purchase tickets in advance through this page. We will not be selling tickets at the door.

We look forward to seeing you on June 6th!