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Introductory pricing for Mass MVMNT: a smart, supportive, community gym in the South Shore!

A campaign by Mike Monarch and Anthony Pickering

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  •   $150 or more 

    Limited to 10  

    THANK YOU! This entitles you to one month of unlimited group training at Mass MVMNT. Also included is an unlimited supply of high-fives and good karma! Keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one as a gift. (a $200 value for only $150!)

    5 have chosen this
  •   $300 or more 

    Limited to 30  

    THANK YOU! This entitles you to one month of unlimited group training at Mass MVMNT, one month of habit-based nutrition coaching using our amazing ProCoach software and curriculum along with a dedicated nutrition coach, and free invitation and inclusion in any 2 talks or workshops held at Mass MVMNT in 2018. Also included is an unlimited supply of high-fives and good karma! Keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one as a gift. (a $400 value for only $300!)

    3 have chosen this
  •   $2,000 or more 

    Limited to 40  

    THANK YOU! This entitles you to one full year of membership at Mass MVMNT. You get over two months free with this offer. Also included is an unlimited supply of high-fives and good karma! Keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one as a gift. (a $2400 value for only $2000!)

    2 have chosen this
  •   $10,000 or more 

    Limited to 5  

    THANK YOU! This entitles you to a life time membership, including group training and open gym. Also included is a full year of habit-based nutrition coaching using our amazing ProCoach software and curriculum along with a dedicated nutrition coach. You’ll also get access to all of our regularly occurring workshops and talks. Also included is an unlimited supply of high-fives and good karma! Keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one as a gift.

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Introductory pricing for Mass MVMNT: a smart, supportive, community gym in the South Shore!

We believe that everyone fundamentally wants to look and feel good. We want to perform well, whether it's at an athletic event, or just while going about our day. We want to live injury and disease free, long in to our golden years. Although the number of fad diets, training plans, and news headlines make it seem like achieving these goals is confusing and complicated, the fact is, it's not. We are ready to help guide you down the path to becoming truly fit and health. To loving the way you look and feel.

Imagine feeling ready for anything! By pre-ordering a discounted membership to our new gym, Mass MVMNT at Longwater Park (aka Assinippi Park) in Norwell, MA, you'll be one-step closer to feeling the best you've ever felt!

Think about this. You are ready for athletic events, strong enough to lift anything in your house, mobile enough to take a fall and not get injured, breathing well enough to calm your sympathetic nervous system, and emotionally balanced enough to handle whatever life brings you. You will become friends with “obstacles” as you see each and every one as an opportunity for growth and empowerment. Imagine waking up knowing you are on a path to finally taking care of yourself inside and out. 

Being a strong and healthy person feels good every day of the year.  At Mass MVMNT you will learn to treat your body with respect for all that it can and will do for you. 

We will train you to build resiliency, eat for enjoyment and to fuel your engine, breathe well, lift heavy stuff, move your body well, prevent injury, get over walls, and inspire yourself with your own progress! 

This is your opportunity to purchase a membership at the lowest rates we'll ever offer them at. Once this campaign closes, memberships will be offered at our regular rates.


  • Anti-inflammatory eating can help you lose weight and build muscle.

  • It doesn’t matter your age or fitness level, everyone can build more strength, tone, mobility, and feel great. 

  • Movement and exercise are excellent mood stabilizers.


Let’s get real. 

Do you like and respect your body?

It’s time to make your fitness work for you.  Be on your own side. 


Mass MVMNT will help you become stronger, healthier, and fitter than you’ve even been.  Your fitness will be all-encompassing, natural, and functional. The training you do at Mass MVMNT will translate into what you are able to do outside of the gym. It’s one thing to be fit, it’s another to be able to apply that fitness to real world situations. At Mass MVMNT, we will train and empower you to do great things outside of the gym and for life… whether it be playing with your kids or grandchildren, participating in races and competitions, or assisting people in times of need.

At Mass MVMNT, attention to detail, injury prevention, and holistic wellness are core to our ethos. 

We believe everyone has the ability to live a healthier, more vibrant and functional life. Our goal is to demystify the process of doing so, in a safe, fun, and effective way.


Anthony (left) and Mike (right) - Co-Founders of Mass MVMNT

Anthony Pickering, Co-Founder, Mass MVMNT
Hi, my name is Anthony Pickering and I’ve been a competitive multisport athlete since I was 13, most recently as a nationally ranked Strongman competitor, and a fitness professional for the past 7 years. I take a scientific approach towards training, one that focuses on body mechanics and functional movement quality that builds a solid foundation before moving to heavy loads and complicated movements. As a result, some of my very first clients are still training with me seven years later.

Mike Monarch, Co-Founder, Mass MVMNT

Hi, I’m Mike Monarch. I’ve been a health and fitness enthusiast since I was about 14, a coach and trainer since 1994, and a multisport athlete for many years, including competitive cycling, triathlons, adventure racing, and CrossFit. I believe that to be truly fit, we need to eat well, move well, sleep well, breathe well, and think well. That’s the approach I take for myself, and it’s the same approach I take with my clients.


  • Group strength and conditioning classes. These high energy functional fitness classes include several training modalities, including body weight movements, bands, kettle bells, dumbbells, and barbells. These classes will get you strong, lean, fast, and fit! An emphasis is given to proper movement, breath control and bracing, and  to building up our core muscles and connective tissues so we are all better able to avoid injury and handle greater loads. All workouts are scalable. Every client, regardless of athletic background and current fitness level can participate. A lot of thought goes in to programming our workouts, as well as how to best coach a client through it. What these classes will not include are complicated Olympic and gymnastics movements. Those movements are best addressed in one of our specialty classes.
  • Specialty classes, including Olympic lifting, power lifting, and strongman training.
  • Specialized training for those preparing for an event (whether it be a competition, a photo shoot, or getting in shape for your wedding).
  • Nutrition analysis and coaching. Proper nutrition and eating habits are critical to achieving your goals and getting to a healthier state. Let us demystify the conflicting headlines in the nutrition world for you. Our approach takes science, culture, habits, and enjoyment into account. Our approach is sustainable and puts you in control.
  • Teen athlete training and development. We'll work with any athlete to get them stronger, more powerful, and better conditioned for their sport. Have a kid that plays field sports, send them our way and we'll build them up so they are able to perform better and be less prone to injuries.
  • Regularly occurring specialty seminars and talks from industry experts on a wide range of topics, including fitness, nutrition, mental health, and more.
  • Self-defense… the kind where you immediately attain skills that you can use in real life situations. These classes cut to the chase and teach you the skills necessary to hold your own. In addition to getting a great workout, you will leave feeling empowered and able to protect and defend yourself should the need ever arise (let’s hope it doesn’t but if it does, you’ll be ready!)
  • Special sauce: There are many other cool things we have planned – which make us awesome and different – but we can’t give away the full recipe just yet! You’ll have to join our community and gym to learn more and get the inside scoop!


Our modern lifestyles and eating habits are contributing to injuries and health issues at epidemic rates. Much of what ails us can be prevented and reversed through proper exercise, nutrition, community and a healthy, positive lifestyle.

Food is medicine. Movement is medicine. We help you tap into this transformational medicine and more!

We need a gym that focuses on injury prevention, yet builds strength. In addition to the toll our modern lifestyle has on our health and wellbeing, there are many training programs available that encourage people to go so far out of their comfort zone that injuries are not only possible, but likely. Injured is the opposite of fit. 

At Mass MVMNT, we focus on moving well, eating well, thinking well, and sleeping well. The four critical components to being truly healthy. Our training methodologies include a focus on improving core strength and stability, this ensures that you are better capable of performing more complex movements, in addition to reversing the negative effects that our modern workplaces and high pace lifestyles have on our bodies (i.e. posture, back, hip, and shoulder pain).


When will the gym open? We are aiming to launch in April 2018.

Where will the gym be located?  We landed a beautiful 5k square foot space with tons of natural light and well-manicured grounds. Located in Longwater Park in Norwell, Mass MVMNT is easily accessible via Rt 228 and High Street, just off Rt 3 at exit 14, and via Rt 123. We’re excited to make our home among awesome neighbors, such as South Shore Medical Center, Zildjian, and the South Shore Charter School. Can’t wait to do sled pushes on our indoor turf!

Why?  There were no other facilities around that provided what we wanted for ourselves, so we decided to build it!

What if the gym doesn't open? If for some unforeseen reason we do not open the gym, your contribution will be refunded to you in it's entirety. 


We are grateful for your support.