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Fortua is a powerful new way to organize, fund, and promote activities and causes that your friends and your community will enjoy participating in!

With Fortua you can crowdfund workshops, classes, festivals, races, camps, retreats, inspiring talks, films, trails, playgrounds, parks, educational programs, fundraisers, and more!

Here are a few of the ways you can use Fortua.

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No need for a loan. No need for a grant. No need for investors. Instead, fund your project, event, or cause by offering access and special benefits to people who want to participate in making it happen!

  • Your project, event, or cause gets funded.

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  • The planet is one Fortua project happier!

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Get Early Bird Perks & Discounts to Sunnymede a New 18-Hole Disc Golf Course in Middleboro, MA

A campaign by Sunnymede Disc Golf Course

  • $3,337
    of $5,000
  • 18
66 %
This campaign receives all funds raised. Any funds raised above the goal will make it even better!
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A campaign by Sunnymede Disc Golf Course
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Get Early Bird Perks & Discounts to Sunnymede a New 18-Hole Disc Golf Course in Middleboro, MA

We’re in the final stages of completing a professional grade 18-hole disc golf course in Middleboro, MA and are offering special early bird perks, discounts, and sponsorship packages to raise the final funds necessary to complete and open the course in May 2017!

By participating in this campaign you’ll help to make the course a reality and you’ll become an important member of the Sunnymede Disc Golf Course community and team!

Disc golf is fun and everyone can play it!

(Photo: Middleboro Gazette)

Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and with your help we can bring a fun and scenic course to Middleboro and Southeastern Massachusetts!

This is great for you and our local community because disc golf:

  • Stimulates the local economy (e.g. players purchase food, gas, etc. when they visit to play)
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Connects people with nature and the outdoors
  • Increases social interaction and encourages new friendships
  • Can be played by anyone regardless of age, ability, gender, or social status
  • Is loved by adults and kids and is great for families

We are excited to bring all of these benefits to Middleboro and the broader community!

Join us by supporting this campaign and sharing this page with all of your friends!

The sooner we sell the early bird perks, discounts, and sponsorship packages offered here, the sooner we can open Sunnymede Disc Golf Course!

Thank you for your support!

Rich Giampietro, Founder & Owner

Zach Smith, Course Design & Creation

Josh Quackenbush, Course Design & Community

Kids love playing disc golf!


  • An 18-hole disc golf course set to open in May 2017 if this campaign is successful at raising the final funds required to open!

  • Located at 100 Fuller Street, Middleboro, MA 02346. Conveniently located less than an hours drive from greater Boston, Worcester, Providence and Cape Cod. Easy access from Rt. 495, and Rt. 3, via Rt. 44.

  • Numerous restaurants, gas stations, and lodging options (B&B, hotels, campgrounds) are located within 6 miles of the course, as are pottery kilns, recording studios, nature preserves, and historical attractions galore.

  • The course is fun, challenging and picturesque – a quintessential New England course set in forests and fields with stone walls, an equestrian lineage, and some of most beautiful open space Massachusetts has to offer.

  • Course design and flow has received numerous accolades from the local disc golf community as well as professional players and course designers!

  • Pay to play course, with options for everyone: single round, unlimited one-day play, 3- & 10-play cards, family and year-round season passes!

Families love playing disc golf together!



Disc golf is a game of golf that is scored like traditional ball golf, but rather than hitting balls with a club into holes in the ground, the players throw flying discs (similar to frisbees) from the designated concrete tee box to a metal, chained basket known as the “hole”. Varying terrain, vegetation, elevation, aerial obstacles, and weather add to the challenge that makes disc golf an enjoyable sport for all participants!

Disc golf gets kids, adults, and families off the screen and outside and active. Unlike traditional golf, it can be played year round, and by almost everyone regardless of age, athletic ability, gender, or social status. It is also inexpensive and can be played with a single disc that costs less than $15. There are many benefits for players and their local communities, including:

  • Increased physical activity, health, and weight loss
  • Time outside in nature with family and friends
  • Increased social interaction and cultivation of new friendships
  • Time away from the computer and TV screens and video games
  • Increased economic activity in the local community
  • Increased happiness and well-being in the local community

These are just a few of the reasons that disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and is beloved by players and local communities!

The 6th tee box and sign at Sunnymede!

Among other great perks, we'll put your

name or logo on one of our custom tee

signs when you support us through this

campaign! Great visibility for you and

your brand!



To date, we've invested hundreds of hours of time, expertise, labor, and our own money in the Sunnymede Disc Golf Course infrastructure.

We are on track to open in May 2017, provided the local community and the disc golf community step up and participate in this campaign to help us get there!

We are offering a variety of special perks, discounts, and sponsorship packages thru this campaign page that will provide critical funding to pay for signage, Prodigy disc baskets, netting, tees, porta potty, and other necessary expenses to help us complete the course!

You can help by purchasing the great perks and benefits we are offering thru this campaign, and by sharing this page with all of your friends!

The sooner you purchase these perks, the sooner we'll open, and the sooner you can enjoy Sunnymede!

By participating in this campaign, you'll gain access to a variety of early bird perks and discounts to Sunnymede Disc Golf Course, and you'll help us bring disc golf to Middleboro and Southeastern Massachusetts. Purchase a perk through this page and spread the word!

Questions? Please contact Rich Giampietro at