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Boy Scout Adventure Program on Big Munson Island

A campaign by Thomas Marino

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Successfully funded on December 21, 2015
We need your support to make a great experience happen for ten 14-17 year old Boy Scouts from Quakertown, PA!

From June 21 to 27, 2016 ten boys ages 14-17 from Troop 13 (Trumbauersville, PA) of the Boy Scouts of America plan to take part in a high adventure program on Big Munson Island in the Florida Keys. Big Munson is a remote, untouched, and uninhabited, 100+ acre island that is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, pristine coral reefs, and abundant wildlife. 

This seven-day program will challenge the boys physically, and it will open each of the boys up to an experience that they’ve never had before, including exploration of the island’s flora and fauna, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, hiking, and coastal camping.

Most of the boys have experienced the New Jersey shore, but none of them have had a remote island experience like this. We foresee this being a powerful and potentially life-changing experience for all them. The purpose of this campaign is to help them raise the funds they need to make the trip happen.


The boys are working hard to raise funds in their local communities by selling popcorn and gift cards and doing service jobs. They will continue to raise funds locally and we need your help to raise additional funds to make this trip happen!

Big Munson Beach

Big Munson Island Wildlife

You can help our Boy Scouts by making a contribution. Every contribution counts, whether it is $5, $10, $25 or $100 or more! 

Thank you!


What Boy Scout Troop is this for?
It is for 10 boys ages 14-17 from Troop 13 (Trumbauersville, PA) of the Boy Scouts of America.  You can learn more about the Troop here:

Where can I learn more about the high adventure program? 
The boys plan to do the Out Island Adventure on Big Munson Island run by the Florida High Adventure Sea Base of the Boy Scouts of America.  You can learn more here:

Is my contribution tax-deductible?
No, your contribution will go toward the costs of the program and it will have a truly powerful and meaningful impact on each of the ten boys participating in program, but it is not tax-deductible. 

Why did you choose a program in Florida vs. something closer and less expensive?
The boys who are participating have had a number of great experiences close to home and in non-coastal areas, but they have never had an experience like this in a remote tropical and coastal environment.  It will be so different from anything that they have experienced before that it promises to be eye opening.  It will be an experience that they will carry with them for a lifetime!

How can I make a contribution?
Click "Contribute Now" and make a contribution. We greatly appreciate your support!

Who should I contact if I have questions?
Contact Thomas Marino at


We greatly appreciate your support with what we believe will be a powerful and meaningful experience for each of the ten boys participating in program.