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Box Truck Film: A Reuse & Tiny House Fusion

A campaign by Alex Eaves

  • $24,382
    of $41,750
  • 288
58 %
This campaign receives all funds raised. Any funds raised above the goal will make it even better!
This campaign is now closed.
A campaign by Alex Eaves
1 campaigns, 1 contributions

Tiny house builder Derek "Deek" Diedricksen and reuse expert Alex Eaves have teamed up to turn a box truck into a tiny house and mobile reuse education center.



The Box Truck build is nearly done and phase #2 of the project is beginning!  Starting in November, Alex and the truck will be traveling around the U.S. hosting events, screening the REUSE! Documentary in and on the truck, setting up STAY VOCAL pop up shops, etc.  If you're interested in booking Alex and the Box Truck for your town, school, event, business, etc. please email us at We’re open to all sorts of event ideas!

Thanks to so much community support with supplies and work, we've done a great job at utilizing the initial funding we got. But with the truck travels and all of the upcoming editing and filmmaking expenses, we're continuing our fundraising to meet our original goal. There are lots of great reward levels still available too. 



The definition of reusing is the action of using something again. This seemingly simple act has profound effects, as it is an extremely effective solution to the world's waste problem, even more so than traditional recycling. That's what drives Alex Eaves' mission. He brings together the numerous benefits of reusing for people, our planet, and our wallets to encourage individuals to reduce waste in their daily lives. With his various projects, Eaves provides reuse solutions for our needs and wants to prevent wasted resources, opportunities, money, and time.


Alex Eaves and Derek “Deek” Diedricksen will be transforming a box truck into a mobile reuse education center and living space, combining their knowledge of reuse and building tiny homes. For those not familiar with the tiny home movement, a tiny home is a house smaller than 400 square feet. Like reusing, tiny homes are a great way to save resources, money, and time.

This second life for the truck will provide a way for people to see the benefits of reusing and how they can reduce waste in their own lives. Alex and Deek will be reusing every step of the way: from the truck to the materials to the screws. They will show people how, with a little more thought and creativity, reuse is everywhere and it's not only beneficial to our planet, but it benefits us and our wallets too. The truck will be based in Massachusetts, but it will surely be traveling.

Features of the truck will include:

●  reuse solutions for our daily lives, from the bed to the food storage to the clothing

●  interior personal living space

●  interior work space

●  ability to host pop up shops outside

●  ability to host talks and small concerts out of the back

●  ability to host screenings of the REUSE! and Box Truck films on the side


We will be filming the entire process of the box truck conversion. The resulting Box Truck documentary film will help inspire people to think outside the box for reuse in general and also as a unique living space. The film will focus on the transformation of the truck, the reuse passion of one individual, and the unique skills and knowledge of a tiny home-builder to make it happen. Almost everything we need to thrive in our daily lives already exists and this film will prove it.


We are offering all kinds of amazing and one-of-a-kind rewards for our backers! You can secure these rewards in one of two ways: by backing us financially or by donating supplies, equipment, expertise, and time to help make this project happen. How cool is that? Check out our non-monetary support requests and if you can help with one or more of these, click the box to sign up and make the commitment!

As with all “all or nothing” campaigns, we must reach our goal of $41,750 to make this project a reality. If we do not reach this goal, you will not be charged and no one will receive their rewards. The Box Truck will not be built and the film will not be created. We don't want that. You don't want that.. Back us and spread the word and let’s make this happen!

Want to be an Associate Producer? Want to name our Truck? Want an exclusive VIP Reuse Roadshow for you and up to 25 of your friends to see the truck, hang with the filmmakers, watch the screening together and more? Check out our rewards!

Here are just a few of the amazing rewards that we are offering:

Your name featured on a limited edition STAY VOCAL Box Truck themed Reuse T-shirt.

REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet. Digital download of the film.

Signed copies of Deek's best-selling book, Microshelters.


Our costs to make this project happen include:

●  Film Crew

●  Box Truck

●  Truck Insurance, Titles, etc

●  Supplies

●  Hard Drive

●  Subtitles in English and Spanish

●  Minimal DVD/Blu Ray Production

●  Festival Applications

●  Premiere Event

●  Crowdfunding Rewards

●  Digital file creation for theatrical screenings through Tugg


Alex Eaves - Producer, Director, Cast, Builder

Alex is a reuse expert who embodies the reuse lifestyle. In 2008, he began what he calls “the reuse life;” avoiding disposables and finding reuse solutions for his needs and wants. This passion soon began to be an influence on many and in 2009, Eaves began giving talks and leading workshops around the U.S. In 2014, he became a certified Master Reuser by the Reuse Institute; a year later he released the documentary, REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet. The film focuses on reuse solutions for our global waste problem and is the result of a 48-state US tour, where Eaves met people who reuse in various ways. Since the release, Eaves has traveled the U.S. extensively for screenings and talks, including a month long nationwide tour. The film has been viewed in over 20 countries and has been nominated for multiple film festivals.

Eaves is also the creator and owner of the award winning green certified reuse apparel brand STAY VOCAL, which rescues T-shirts to give them a second life. The business is the result of almost a decade of traveling the world, selling T-shirts for rock bands. His Reuse T-shirts have been featured in media outlets like The Boston Globe and Good Morning America, and have been seen on famous musicians worldwide. Alex grew up in Norwell, MA and now divides his time between Massachusetts and California.

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen - Producer, Cast, Builder, Videographer

Deek, of, is a tiny house builder and enthusiast since 1987, when he built his first non-fort cabin. He has hosted/designed for TV shows on HGTV (the Tiny House Builders series), The DIY Network, The History Channel, Make TV, and has also had his work featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, China Times, UK Daily News,, Design Sponge, and beyond. He is currently in production on the new show, The Micromen, which he is hosting, directing, and designing. His creations have also appeared on the ABC Network, Al Jazeera Network, and several other TV shows.

Deek has taught hands-on building workshops around the US since 2010; runs the YouTube design channel RelaxshacksDOTcom (with 100,000+ subscribers); professionally builds tiny houses, tree houses, and backyard offices for clients, and is the author of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", the best-seller Microshelters, and is currently contracted on a third book for Storey Press. His specialty is building with salvaged and repurposed materials, often in creative, colorful, and whimsical ways. Deek is a longtime Stoughton, MA resident and is the 2016 Stoughton Citizen of the Year!

Jason Kimball - Director, Videographer, Editor

Jason studied communications at Bridgewater State University and is now a video producer for BU Today (Boston University's online news publication). He produces short profiles about students and faculty, from BU's longtime zamboni driver to the commanding officer of the USS Constitution. He's always loved highlighting the efforts of passionate people with unique interests, so working with Alex and Deek is a natural fit. Jason met Alex while helping with post-production on REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet, and is looking forward to taking a more hands-on role on Alex's latest project. Jason grew up in Pepperell, Massachusetts and now lives in Boston.


June 2016 - October 2016:

●  Crowdfunding campaign

●  Acquisition of the truck

●  Building out the truck

●  Filming  

October 2016 - Spring 2017:

●  Editing

Spring 2017:

●  Film Release


Our goal is 100% used/pre-owned/upcycled materials for the project. This includes everything from the truck to the bedding to the screws. Finding some of these things could add time to the project, but we are committed to showing that there are reuse solutions for everything.

Unforeseen problems with the truck that require additional time to fix.

Unforeseen challenges meeting the deadline. If it looks like we will have challenges finishing the project on time, all backers will be notified. We will keep you posted as the entire project develops!


Fortua supports non-monetary forms of support, which is important for our project since we're asking people and organizations to contribute supplies, equipment, expertise and time. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, Fortua enables this. Check out our requests for non-monetary support (e.g. donate a box truck, materials, etc.). If you can help click the sign-up box and we’ll be in touch!

Fortua is eco-focused. Their mission is to promote sustainability, healthy communities, and a healthy planet, which is consistent with the REUSE mission.

They are a local company (based near us in the Boston area) and we like the idea of supporting a local, mission-driven start-up in our backyard. It’s awesome knowing that if we want to talk about our project, we can do so over coffee.


Back our campaign by making a financial contribution in exchange for a great reward. You can also choose "No Reward" if you just want to support this project.

Back our campaign by committing to help with one of our non-monetary requests for support, (e.g. donate a box truck or compostable toilet).

Share this campaign with all of your communities on- and offline. Post it to groups related to reuse and tiny homes, or any others that will be excited about supporting us.

Remember, our campaign is “all or nothing.” So, if we do not reach our goal, you will not be charged, the Box Truck will not be built, the film will not be created, and you will not receive your reward. Let's do this!


We are grateful for your support.


UPDATE! September 2016

While we did not meet our goal by the original deadline, this project is happening! When we came up with the idea for the film, we were committed to it. And at this point, that commitment is only stronger, because of the great support we have received. That said, please continue to share the project on social media, email and text to help us reach our goal. Because while we have enough funding to start, there is a lot more to get down the road. Alright everybody, stay tuned...