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c4c 1st Annual Bill Bauer Memorial Bike-a-thon in Bayville, NY on October 1, 2016

A campaign by Santhosh Paulus

  • $6,081
    of $2,500
  • 89
243 %
This campaign receives all funds raised. Any funds raised above the goal will make it even better!
This campaign is now closed.
A campaign by Santhosh Paulus
4 campaigns, 6 contributions
c4c 1st Annual Bill Bauer Memorial Bike-a-thon in Bayville, NY on October 1, 2016

  • Santhosh Paulus December 16, 2016

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for participating in C4C’s 1st Annual Bill Bauer Bike-a-thon to help put an end to human trafficking! 

    Thanks to funds raised through our bike-a-thon and golf outing, Cycling for Change donated $10,000 to Nomi Network earlier this month. We could not have done this without your participation and generous support. Thank you!

    As a token of appreciation Nomi is offering all C4C supporters 20% off all goods purchased through their Online Store by December 31, 2016! Be sure to use C4C as the discount code at checkout to benefit from this offer. You can purchase beautiful handbags, apparel, jewelry, and more at Nomi’s online store.

    Shop: Nomi Network’s Online Store 

    Discount code: C4C

    As a reminder, Nomi Network creates economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking. Every product you purchase at Nomi’s online store provides jobs for survivors and helps to end modern-day slavery.

    Below are photos from the bike-a-thon and our Nomi Network donation that we thought you’d enjoy.

    Thank you for your support of C4C!

    Santhosh Paulus,

    Thank you for making our 1st Annual Bike-a-thon at great one! It's not too late to make a donation to C4C to help put an end to human trafficking. If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so HERE before December 31, 2016!

  • Santhosh Paulus September 29, 2016

    Hello Everyone,

    We are excited to get on the road this Saturday! Below are some logistics and a few rules that we adapted from the League of American Bicyclists to keep us safe. 

    There is a high possibility of rain at this time, so let’s make sure that we keep our speed a little slower if it is wet and also allow more space between riders. Remember this is NOT a race. Your safety and the safety of other cyclists is what is most important.

    We will be travelling in groups of 6-8 cyclists.

    If the road is clear cyclists can ride 2x2, no more than 2 cyclists side-by-side and in a row. If a car is approaching you need to be in single file formation. The cyclist on the left should always get in front of the cyclist on the right when going from 2x2 back into single file formation. Good communication is critical. Please call out moves when breaking the line or passing.

    For the 60 mile riders: when riding in Bethpage State Park and in Massepequa Preserve you must ride single file and take your time, be vigilant – there will be foot traffic on these trails.

    Please remain together with your group with one Lead cyclist and one caboose in each group. 

    Check-in times:

    60 mile – 6:45 am

    20 mile – 7:45 am

    5 mile – 8:45 am

    Riders will roll out in pace groups for each ride distance:

    Group A – Average 18 mph on flats

    Group B – Average 15 mph on flats

    Group C – Average 12 mph on flats

    Note: Please roll out with the group that is most compatible with your expected average pace. This is not a race and no one is evaluating which group you are in, please choose the group that is best for your pace.

    Please print or download the map and cue sheet for your ride distance:

    5 mile:

    20 mile:

    60 mile:

    REFRESHMENTS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE START AND FINISH FOR EVERY RIDE DISTANCE. The 20 mile ride will have one additional refreshment site halfway thru the ride, and the 60 mile ride will have four total throughout the ride.

    Please come prepared with spare tubes, a pump, and filled water bottles. We also recommend that you bring your own food / nutrition (e.g. Clif bars, bananas, etc.) if you have preferred or specific dietary needs for your ride.

    Location of start and finish for all rides is WEST HARBOR BEACH MEMORIAL PARK, BAYVILLE, NY

    Road Rules:


    Your safety and the public’s perception of Cycling For Change (c4c) and bicyclists depend on you. You have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers. Obey traffic signals and stop signs. Ride with traffic; use the rightmost lane headed in the direction you are going. Be polite and remain positive at all times. Help each other and nobody will be left behind.


    Make your intentions clear to everyone on the road. Ride in a straight line and don’t swerve between parked cars. Signal turns, and check behind you well before turning or changing lanes.


    Ride where people can see you and wear bright clothing. Use a front white light, red rear light and reflectors when visibility is poor. Make eye contact with others and don’t ride on sidewalks. 


    Anticipate what drivers, pedestrians, and other people on bikes will do next. Watch for turning vehicles and ride outside the door zone of parked cars. Look out for and call out debris, potholes, and other road hazards. Cross railroad tracks at right angles.


    Check that your tires are sufficiently inflated, brakes are working, chain runs smoothly, and quick release levers are closed. Carry tools and supplies that are appropriate for your ride. Wear a helmet. Bring filled water bottles for your bike and food to refuel during your ride.

    These rules were adapted from The League of American Bicyclists. 

    ** Please note that we have closed early, discounted registration, but we are still accepting late registrations until the start of the ride on Saturday. If you have any friends who would like to join they can still register to ride by clicking here. **

    (Those who register after 5pm tomorrow Friday, Sept 30th will need to go to the “Day of / On-site Registration” desk and show the volunteers an email receipt and ID to check-in for their ride. Everyone else should go to the regular Registration Desk.)

    We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, October 1st and greatly appreciate your support of c4c’s 1st Annual Bill Bauer Memorial Bike-a-thon in Bayville, NY!

    Santhosh Paulus,

  • Santhosh Paulus September 28, 2016

    Hi Everyone, 

    A friendly reminder that rider registration closes tonight (Sept 28) at 11pm ET!

    If you have friends or family members who would like to participate, please be sure to forward this to them and encourage them to register here or at the link below: 

    Please note that we also have a virtual rider option, so friends and family who are not in the New York area can also register to ride and can help put an end to human trafficking! 

    Our fundraising will continue after registration closes, so please continue to share our fundraising page with your friends and family and encourage them to make a tax-deductible donation on behalf of your ride.

    We’ve raised $4,290 to date thanks to your generous support. Thank you!

    Stay tuned for more updates later this week.

    Santhosh Paulus,

  • Santhosh Paulus September 26, 2016

    Thank you for signing up for our 1st Annual Bill Bauer Memorial Bike-a-thon in Bayville, New York on October 1st! It’s great to see so many sign ups for a first annual ride. Thank You. 

    Registration closes at 11pm ET this Wednesday, Sept 28, 2016. Be sure to invite your friends to sign up here if they’d like to join us!

    You can also spread the word by sharing this Facebook Post about the ride.

    We’ve updated the route maps and cue sheets. You can check them out here:

    5 mile

    20 mile  

    60 mile

    Here’s a link to our fundraising page: You can email this to friends and family and invite them to make a tax-deductible donation to support your ride to help put an end to human trafficking.

    We greatly appreciate your support and we look forward to seeing you this Saturday.

    Thank you,

    Santhosh Paulus,

  • Santhosh Paulus August 3, 2016

    Hello Everyone!

    A big Thank You for signing up for the 1st Annual Bill Bauer Memorial Bike-a-thon in Bayville, New York on October 1st to raise funds for Cycling for Change (C4C) to help put an end to human trafficking. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

    We've raised over $1,000 to date! All of the net proceeds from this event will support programs to end human trafficking, a modern day slavery that dehumanizes an estimated 36 million people worldwide.

    Help us continue the progress by forwarding this to your friends and invite them to ride with you on October 1st! They can register to ride by clicking here!

    You can also help with fundraising by emailing the link below to friends and family and asking them to make 100% tax-deductible donation on behalf of your ride to help end human trafficking! 

    Fundraising page:

    You can also paste the link above into a Facebook post to share your fundraising efforts with your Facebook friends.

    Thank you!

    Santhosh Paulus,

    We look forward to riding with you!